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The Kihoku region in ​​Wakayama Prefecture introduced on this website consists of eight towns and cities: Wakayama, Iwade, Kinokawa, Hashimoto, and the towns of Katsuragi, Kudoyama, Koya, and Kimino. The region features many yet unknown tourism sites and—at just two hours traveling time—great access from the urban center of Osaka, allowing visitors to enjoy easy short trips!

Transportation Access Guide



From Shin-Osaka to Wakayama

About 1 hour by limited express on JR Osaka Loop Line or Osaka Hanwa Line (when using Kuroshio limited express (bound for Shingu))
On Nankai Line, Nankai Electric Railway
From Shin-Osaka to Nanba on Midosuji Line, Osaka Metro Approximately 1 hour on Nankai Line from Nankai Nanba Station to Wakayamashi Station

From Shin-Osaka to Kudoyama and Koyasan

On Koya Line, Nankai Electric Railway
From Shin-Osaka Station to Nanba Station on the Midosuji Line, Osaka Metro. Walk about 5 minutes from Nanba Station to Nankai Namba Station.
To Kudoyama
Approximately 65 minutes from Nankai Namba Station to Kudoyama Station on Koya Line.
To Koyasan
Approximately 90 minutes from Nankai Namba Station to Gokurakubashi Station on Koya Line. At Gokurakubashi Station, transfer to Nankai Cable Line and travel about 5 minutes to Koyasan Station.


※ Some bus stops have been omitted.

Limousine bus (Kansai–Koyasan)

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Limousine bus (Kansai–Wakayama)

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Express bus (night service)

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Express bus (night service)

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List of places where inquiries can be made

Transportation facilities etc.

Inquiries TEL
JR-WEST Customer Center 0570-00-2486
JR TOKAI Telephone Center 050-3772-3910
Nankai Telephone Center 06-6643-1005
Wakayama Electric Railway 073-478-0110
Kishu Railway 0738-23-0001
Tomogashima Kisen 073-459-1333
Japan Road Traffic Information Center (JARTIC) Wakayama Center 050-3369-6666
Expressway Information